Why Use A Building Inspector

Building Inspector

If today you’re planning to purchase a property, hire a certified building inspector you can use for a home pre-purchase inspection.

There are several reasons why you need to hire an inspector, including (but not limited to) uncovering severe structural issues, neglected maintenance problems, and hidden defects in a property. For example, inspectors inspect unsafe conditions in a potential building you intend to buy. While others inspect electrical wiring and examine water lines for drainage system problems, etc.

While they save you money, it’s not mandatory to hire an inspector when buying a home. However, it’s an excellent investment that provides peace of mind in which is arguably one of the most significant purchases you’ll ever make. But their benefits far outweigh the risks involved in buying a home that’s potentially hiding costly home repairs that aren’t so obvious to an untrained eye.

What’s the Purpose of a pre-purchase building inspection?

  • To check the property for sub-standard works, compliance and guarantee safety.
  • To ensure that the property you’re just about to buy was built following certain structural and compliance specifications.
  • To provide proof to a buyer that work done on the property meets the minimum safety and compliance requirements as detailed under the building code.

Here are the key reasons why you need to use an inspector for your pre-purchase house inspection.

Alleviate Home-Buying Risks

If you’ve ever bought a property before you most likely know the process of purchasing a home involves a tedious amount of details – never mind time-consuming, back-and-forth head-spinning moments.

To a first-time homebuyer, this can be too much to take in. House inspection Auckland is not just about giving your home a clean bill of health before you make a purchase.

There are lots of risks involved. For instance, you can miss detecting expensive home repairs that are needed in a house you’re about to buy. A building inspector has a professional (trained) eye and can help you alleviate some of these home-buying risks before you take the plunge to purchase the property.

Feel Confident About The Property

Building Inspector Auckland

Your Trusted Building Inspector Auckland

So you’ve taken a tour of the property you want to buy, and you’re convinced this is it. This is the dream home for you. And you’ve decided to buy the property right away.

Enter a building inspector. They’re quick enough to give you another chance to review your decision before making a purchase. Because the moment you sign on the dotted line (without being subject to a pre-purchase building inspection carried out on your potential property), you waiver that condition, and there’ll be no recourse for you.


Building inspectors often assess the property from top to bottom, step-by-step, and come up with a property inspection checklist – giving you a little breathing room to feel confident about the property you’re about to buy.

From the checklist, inspectors will come up with a builder’s report that reviews the pros and cons of the property, double-checking your thought process. So if there’s something wrong with the property, you can easily withdraw from the deal or renegotiate repairs, saving you money.

Understand the ROI of a Pre-purchase Building Inspection

It costs hundreds of dollars to hire a building inspector to inspect a property for damages, defects, and structural issues. But considering the value, they bring (and the return on investment you get from hiring them) far outweighs the amount of money you’ll save as a first-time homebuyer.

Let’s say, for example, you’ve eyed a potential property, and you’re willing to buy it. Of course, you won’t notice anything wrong with it from a glance, but an inspector discovers the property needs repairs costing up to $3,000 and above.

In other words, a pre-purchase house inspection saves you (the buyer) several thousands of dollars’ worth of home repairs. In which case, you can go back and renegotiate the repairs with the seller.


Building Inspections Auckland Looking Out For Your Financial Interests

The primary purpose of hiring a building inspector is to protect your home buying financial interests. That’s the most crucial goal of a pre-purchase property inspection.

Inspectors make sure that you, as a first-time homebuyer, don’t get utterly consumed with small $10 fixes such as a squeaky hinge, a worn light bulb switch, a scratch on the floor, a loose doorknob, etc. Instead, they help you focus on the costly home repairs that you’re unable to see.


For example, water damage in the basement can cost you thousands in potential structural repairs. They can also identify things like patched cladding and gib wall masking cracks. Unless you have a builder’s report NZ, you’ll miss some of these problems.

  •     How do I get a builder’s report NZ? You ask. 

Before you buy the subject property, get in touch with the local building inspector. Make sure to do so as soon as you start to get serious on the intended property.

You can ask for recommendations from friends and relatives. Then request a builders report or a house inspection checklist from an inspector of the potential property before you make a purchase.

Pre-purchase property inspections fast and professionally Property Inspections

There’s a lot of work that goes into inspecting a home for structural damages or defects. Though you can do it yourself, it will take you time to complete inspections in the right way.

But having a reputable building inspector present in the room is time effective, providing you with fast and professional service. Because they’re trained to carry out inspections using specific set approaches, quickly. They are making the job more efficient and productive. In short, they do tasks according to the plan.

Final Thoughts

As a home buyer, you can’t overstate the importance of hiring certified building inspectors. These professionals are qualified and have an excellent working knowledge of property regulations.

Remember, getting a pre-purchase house inspection from an inspector helps alleviate home-buying risks. Building inspectors help you feel confident about a property before you plunge into a purchase.

That’s not all. Inspectors also look out for your financial interests by helping you focus on expensive home repairs than getting bogged down with small $10 fixes. Don’t just go ahead and buy property without getting a property inspection Auckland. Inspections do cost but, it’s worthwhile in the long run to work with a local building inspector.