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Building Inspections

Why do you need a house inspection or Building Inspection report carried out? Because building inspectors take the guesswork out of purchasing a property. A qualified and professional building inspector helps minimise the risks of potential repair and maintenance costs.

A typical house inspection will normally take between one and two hours depending on the condition of the building.

Building Reports

The estimated value of any property can be influenced by a professional building inspection and help to determine the true value of a property. The reports they provide distinguish in black and white the true condition of the subject property about to be purchased.

Asbestos Testing and Removal

Once the building inspection is done a report will be provided on the findings including estimates on the cost of any repairs, weather tightness water leaks, pest problems, moisture issues, asbestos testing and removal if necessary and construction problems.

Peace of Mind

Requesting a building report by a qualified, experienced building inspector takes the uncertainty out of purchasing or selling a property.

A building or house inspection reveals a property’s genuine condition so you can be confident any decisions you make are guided by the correct information.

Services Include…

  • House and Building Inspections

  • Comprehensive House and Building Reports

  • Weather Tightness Reports

  • Asbestos Testing and Removal