One of the first question a customer asks when they call for a home inspection is what does it cost? That is a fair question to ask but it may not be the right question. As in all services prices vary and shopping for a good deal is smart business. But taking the cheapest deal may not give you the best value. Perhaps a better question would be, how much is your home inspection worth to you?

In order to compare apples and apples one should educate themselves on what a home inspection is and what is required. What type of reports are included and are there different prices for different reports? How experienced and professional is the inspector you hire and what is their reputation in the industry.

In today’s market, no matter where you are in the world, the internet is your greatest source for determining who will provide the best service at comparable rates. Once you have determined this you can then look at price comparison. Don’t just pick up the phone and start making calls before you know what is involved and without checking the reputations of those inspectors with whom you are soliciting.

At Fairview Building Inspections Ltd we offer competitive pricing for professional services backed up with 25 years of experience along with all the qualifications necessary as a licensed building practitioner. Our reports are accepted by banks for financing and refinancing in the Auckland area. In addition, we have testimonials from buyers and sellers of property who will attest to our professionalism.

$450 + GST for a full written report.