Never Hire a Building Inspector Before Asking These Nine Questions!

The ancients were right when they said that not everything that glitters is gold. Moreover, the most regrettable things in life usually look good from far when they are actually far from good! These opening statements also have great significance when buying a house. Many people land themselves into many hidden financial losses when buying houses. They assume just because the facilities were in “prime areas” and they look attractive externally, then they were good deals. Unfortunately, they end up with raw deals after buying those houses.

Building Inspector Auckland You too could fall into the same trap if you fail to include one valuable partner in the buying process—a building inspector. Many first-time homebuyers assume as long as their agents have given the house a “clean bill of health,” they should go ahead and buy it. They forget that involving an inspector to conduct a building inspection south Auckland could save them financial losses and avoidable headaches. In this post, I will show you the nine most important questions you should ask a property inspector before hiring them for your next house-buying project.

  1. Are You Bonded and Insured?

Before settling for a house inspector to conduct a building inspection Papakura, ask them if they are bonded and insured. This question is significant to you because if they have workers, they should cover you against human errors and omissions. If they can’t answer this question conclusively and prove it, look somewhere else.

  1. How Long Will It Take?

Also, it’s important to ask the prospective home inspector how long their building inspection north shore Auckland would take. This question is critical because if you have already signed a purchase agreement to buy a property, you have a deadline within which you must inspect and before accepting or rejecting it. Also, they should complete the process within a reasonable time since you need their building report to:

  • Negotiate a better deal with the property owner
  • Make the final decision to reject or buy the house

This way, you will be better placed to know if the prospective inspector has a busy schedule that might delay the inspection. Consequently, you will be free to choose another inspector who can fit within and meet your deadline.

  1. Can You Show Me any of Your Happy Clients?

Well, a good building inspector is not just mere certifications, no. They should also take it to the highest level—customer satisfaction! Therefore, ask them to show you at least a few clients they have satisfied with their work. It’s also prudent to avoid all recommendations by selling agents and banks. Why? Because these two have commercial interests at stake. Therefore, go for a neutral party to know the whole truth.

  1. Building Inspector AucklandHow Long Have You Been on This Job?

Also, establish how long the inspector has been on this job. This question is a key component in your building inspection checklist NZ. It’s easy to gauge their level of experience by asking them how many homes they have inspected. Also, you have to ensure that the inspector is fully into this job and it’s not another side hustle they do. If it’s not their core business, then most likely you will get a raw deal.

  1. What Qualifications Do You Have?

Moreover, it’s necessary to ask them about their certifications. They must show you their level of training in this industry. Also, they have to tell you where they got their certifications to establish their authenticity and credibility. It’s smart to be wary of guys who took some simple online course to become a property inspector. Also, confirm if the building inspection Auckland council recognizes them.

  1. What Does Your Inspection Include?

Before hiring the inspecting agent, it’s necessary to ask them what their inspection includes and excludes. The reason is that some of them exclude other attached structures such as swimming pools and sheds. Moreover, other inspectors don’t cover deadly elements such as mould or lead. Otherwise, you could be shocked at the last minute.

  1. Can I See a Sample Inspection Report?

Don’t forget to ask the inspector for a sample report. This way, you will be able to distinguish between valuable reports and generic computer-generated shoddy reports that lack content. You ought to ensure the report the inspector will generate has real comments and observations the inspector made on the property they inspected. If their provided reports have real images, expert opinions from the inspector, and estimated cost of fixing challenges, then you will have a good deal.

  1. Property InspectionsWill We Walk Through the House Together?

It’s not enough for the inspector to walk through the property alone, no. You also need to confirm from them if after inspecting the building, they will take time with you in it. The reason is that this joint tour of the property lets you have quality and ample time with them to ask them further questions regarding what they found out. This way, you will be better placed to make an informed decision to buy or reject the house.

  1. How Much Will You Charge Me?

Lastly, ask the inspector about the building inspection Auckland cost. This question is critical since it will let you work with a clear estimate in mind. Remember, the cost of inspecting houses varies. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to receive an inflated bill after the inspector completes their job.

Closing Remarks 

Choosing a building inspector in New Zealand is a critical stage in your house-buying process. Their services can save you avoidable regrets and financial loses. However, it’s important to screen all potential suitors to establish their suitability for your inspection project. Therefore, we shared these nine questions to enable you to screen them effectively before settling for their services.